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This course is tailored to fit both first time handgun owners and seasoned shooters. We present all the material necessary for you to safely and confidently carry a handgun when it is desired to do so. You will leave our course with all the information required to safely own, use, care for, and store your  firearm. Your 2 hours of range time will expose you to a variety of drills that  will provide you with a basic set of skills that can mastered with practice.

With the required 6 hours of classroom work, and the 2 hours of “live fire” range time, you will have met the instruction requirements necessary to obtain your Concealed Carry License in the State of Ohio.

 You will leave our class with:

• The knowledge necessary to safely and    confidently own and use a firearm -

   We guarantee It !!

An open invitation to come back and see    us anytime if you want our opinion, our    help, or just want to go to the range with    us!

• An embossed and officially signed    Certificate of Completion suitable for    framing.

• The application needed to apply for your    CCW license at your County Sheriffs    office.

• The State of Ohio Attorney General CCW    law guide

Get to know your gun

Every student will learn how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble his or her own firearm. We take the time because we want you to leave our class with ALL the knowledge necessary to care for and operate your firearm. Don’t have a firearm yet? You can take apart and reassemble one of ours!

instructor James Zernitz with ccw student range qualification during Ohio CCW course Cleveland Ohio CCW classroom Civilian Defense Academy James Zernitz on location with firearm students concealed carry ohio airsoft practice

Target training

We have you practice aiming and shooting fundamentals in the classroom with laser training pistols followed by quite a bit of target training with AirSoft (plastic BB) pistols and paper targets. This is so important! You will learn what is needed to become a good shot AND when you get to the range for your live fire, you will be familiar with shooting and range commands.

We offer way more than a PowerPoint presentation

• A ready-to-learn attitude!

• Eyeglasses if you wear them

• Handgun if you have one (does  not  have   to be the handgun you would  intend to carry   concealed)*

   (please do not bring ammunition into the     classroom with you)

* We will loan you a firearm free of charge for the class and range if you do not own one (see below)

What to bring to class

What to bring to the range

• A ready-to-learn attitude!

• 50-100 rounds of ammunition

• Eye and ear protection ( we can     loan you some of  ours if you do not own any)

• Eyeglasses if you need them   (you will need to see your targets!)

• Handgun if you have one (does  not  have    to be the handgun you would  intend to carry    concealed)*


    • Firearm Safety

    • Handgun and Cartridge components

    • How to clear malfunctions

    • How to select a pistol and        ammunition for defense

    • One hand / two hand shooting

    • Basic shooting techniques

    • Aiming and breath control

    • Shooting Positions

    • Concealed Carry Laws in Ohio

    • Care, cleaning and storing of firearms

    • How to properly select and wear a        concealed holster

    • How and where to train after the        class   


How to carry your concealed handgun

We include a great holstering section in our CCW class! We present many different styles of holsters and clothing, and discuss the appropriate way to wear all types of holsters, as well as the pros and cons of concealed carry holster options. We think every CCW course should include this information. After all, you are learning how to potentially carry a firearm, not a cell phone!

Reloading demonstration

Some students may be very interested in getting started with ammunition reloading. We give a brief demonstration on how to reload ammo and show some of the basics needed for you to get started. Even if you have no interest in ever reloading ammunition, all of our students find it interesting to see how cartridges are made.

What to bring with you

You do not need to own a firearm to take our  Concealed Carry Course!

We will loan you one  FREE OF CHARGE;  we just ask that you  provide the ammunition. Most  students will purchase 50 rounds of ammunition (available at Dick’s Sporting goods or most  Walmart’s). Ammunition is difficult to find these days so plan  ahead. Please do not wait until the day before class to find your ammo.  We have loaner guns in:

 9mm Luger, 40 caliber, 45 ACP, 38 Special, and .22 Long Rifle

 Please call if you have questions

gun cleaning during Ohio CCW class Ohio CCW holster demonstration Civilian Defense Academy Safety is Always first! In house Target training!

We give our students a first class range experience!

We really believe our instructional methods provide you with the best and safest, ‘live fire’ range qualification available.

We will schedule your two hour range qualification (our Saturday classes are one day classes) at a time that is convenient for you in a setting that is as stress free as possible. We can meet you at the range as part of a small group (you and 1 or 2 other students from your class) or ‘one-on-one’ for those that would prefer to shoot in a more private tutored setting.

Why do we do it this way? Simple. Some students find it difficult to properly and safely handle a firearm, in 2 short hours, when they are at the range with a large group of other students. It is difficult for instructors to monitor everything that is going on around them at a live fire range with a large group of students and still take time to work one-on-one. So it makes sense that you cannot get the individual attention of an instructor who is watching 8 or more students at a time. We therefore strongly suggest new or beginner shooters take our Sunday CCW class and schedule their range qualification in a more private tutored setting.

We do not charge you anything more for our private or small group range instruction! It is all included with your course fee. You won’t get that anywhere else!

CCW student Cleveland, Ohio at the range CDA students receiving certificates Flexible  range times

Our classes are well taught, very informative and actually fun! You will learn how to safely own, use, accurately shoot and care for a handgun.

Ohio Concealed Weapons Permit course

$130 per student $230 2 students (same class) SAVE $30! $120 prior Military Top notch Training! Great Instructors! Free handgun Rental!

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We have learned that people learn more when they are in a fun learning environment. A better learning experience is then shared with the other students that are having a good time, and with instructors that are having fun teaching. It is a nice cycle. We really do have fun in all of our courses.

It is still a firearms course, so not everything is “fun and games”, we just choose not to teach our classes with dull and intimidating instructors. We don’t do the ‘Rambo’ thing at CDA!

Shoot other  calibers for free! Beginner Friendly! Civilian Defense Academy student 45 ACP muzzle flash

Shoot Other Calibers for FREE

We try and help students who may not already own a handgun choose a firearm that is right for them. We do this by bringing several different pistols and revolvers in many different calibers to the range for your qualification. This allows you to get a ‘feel’ for how different guns shoot. All calibers shoot differently and often the “bigger” guns are the easiest to shoot. Revolvers shoot great for beginners. Really tiny guns sometimes have the biggest kick! We just want you to experience some of what’s out there before buying something that may not be right for you. So here is how it works. You buy and bring the ammo for your range qualification. If you don't own a gun we will loan you one free. Then, after you qualify you can try out some of our guns.

You do not need to purchase any ammo for that! We will supply the guns and ammo for you to try them out. You can shoot revolvers, little guns, big guns and even a military style rifle if you want to. All students are welcome to shoot what they want. Just another reason to choose CDA!

 • Please wear lace-up type shoes to the shooting range. Sandals and flip flops are not    allowed (too dangerous)

 • Please note, jewelry or fingernail length that  would interfere with the proper and safe    operation of a handgun is not permitted.

Why else? Simply put, more students mean more guns to watch! We can do it, and we do, do it, but to be honest, it is super stressful to watch everyone, give range commands and anticipate everything that could happen at a range. Besides, inexperienced students will not learn as much in that environment.  

Many CCW classes are taught in one day. Our Saturday classes are one day classes. 10 hours in the classroom, a drive to the range, and then two hours of shooting. It is certainly convenient for folks with more of a firearm background to get it all out of the way in one day, but if you are new to guns and looking for a great learning experience our Sunday classes are the way to go!