North East Ohio’s original “Defense Academy”

Civilian Defense Academy™ has trained hundreds of Cleveland residents and offers a very friendly and SAFE learning environment for our Concealed Carry, Learn To Shoot and reloading courses! We want new gun owners to never feel intimidated with their training so we take all the time needed to answer all the questions they have.  After all, if you are new to firearms it can be a bit scary to just hold and fire a gun for the first time! We understand that and will help you to become comfortable with your firearm whether you intend to carry it concealed or not. More advanced or experienced shooters will always leave our classes having learned something new.

Concealed Carry Class Learn To Shoot Concealed Carry:  TBA

We are competitively priced with the other groups in town but we offer so much more than a slide show and a certificate at the end of 8 hours! We keep the classes small enough and fluid enough to give you the best learning experience, and we always make sure that all questions are answered before we move on.

We give you your choice of range times (Sunday  classes), and your qualification is as stress free as we can make it! Students are encouraged to “keep in touch” with us after the class and we routinely meet past students at the shooting range or even at a gun shop to help with the selection of a new pistol! We hope to see you in a class! We’re sure you’ll have a good time!

“When you are 100% sure a firearm is UNLOADED…RELAX

…now you’re free to simply treat it like a LOADED weapon”

cleveland concealed carry civilian defense academy


Another Civilian Defense Academy opening soon in Western North Carolina!!

$130 per student

$120 per student if prior military

$115 each if 2 or more students

$50 per student (ages 10 and up)

$30 for 2 hour range instruction

Available class dates ohio ccw Cleveland, Ohio concealed carry classes “A higher caliber of firearm instruction”

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Learn To Shoot

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